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Too Much Tv Inc. (TMT) is an internet broadcasting company and a full marketing firm that produces original movies, sitcoms, and educational programs. Our services consist of webdesign, video production, social media, educational workshops, and event marketing. Our goal is to distribute positive programs over the internet that help to create healthy communities in a global marketplace. We are located in Raleigh; North Carolina where there are plenty of opportunities for startups. With Raleigh posting a 38.5 percent increase in technology jobs between 2010 and 2015, this is a perfect place to create marketable job skills for the youth coming from wealth challenged communities.

TooMuchTv. Inc. has an innovative education initiative that delivers information and communication technology skills to improve career and economic opportunities to economical deprived communities. The TMT Youth Community Foundation is the name of that initiative. The TMT Youth Community Foundation operates to empower "at risk" children.

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